Ready to Go Green and Live Affordably? Check Out This 1.05 Acre Lot in St. Johns for Just $139/Month!

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1.05 ACRES

Property Type: Rural

Status: Owner Financed Land

Availability: For Sale

$199 Down Payment + $249 Doc Fees
$139 Per Month for 55 Months!

Land Description:

Attention all eco-warriors, sustainability enthusiasts, and folks who just like saying “cob house”! Have we got a plot of land for you! This 1.05-acre gem in St. Johns, Arizona, is begging for someone with a green thumb, a passion for recycling, and possibly a knack for re-purposing shipping containers. If your dream is to live off the grid and make the planet a little happier, this is your chance!

Build the Green Home of Your Dreams

Want to construct an Earthship that makes other Earthships jealous? This is the place to do it! The land is big enough for all your sustainable housing dreams, whether it’s an off-grid solar haven, a quirky cob cottage, or a shipping container palace. You bring the creativity; the earth will bring the mud. And you know what they say—mud pies are just the beginning. 

Why St. Johns, Arizona?

All the Sunshine You Can Handle: With over 300 days of sunshine per year, you’ll have more than enough energy for your solar panels. It’s like the sun is your personal battery pack. Say goodbye to electricity bills and hello to bragging rights! You can drill a well for water or install a cistern and have it delivered to your door. 

Minimal Regulations: Let’s be honest—who likes dealing with endless permits and paperwork? Not you! Apache County is known for its laid-back attitude toward eco-friendly building with minimal restrictions and light zoning. As long as your house doesn’t double as a rocket launch pad, you’re probably good to go.

Nature at Its Best: Surrounded by stunning landscapes with Petrified Forest National Park and the White Mountains each just an hour away, you’ll have plenty of inspiration for your eco-friendly oasis. Plus, it’s a great excuse to wear those fancy hiking boots you bought on sale.

Start Your Own Off-Grid Paradise

With 1.05 acres, you can create an entire ecosystem of eco-fabulousness. Plant a lush garden, build a rainwater collection system, and compost everything in sight. Just imagine all the hipster points you’ll earn when you tell your friends you’re living sustainably in the high desert!

Conex Houses and Cob Houses and Earthships, Oh My!

Want to build a shipping container castle? Go for it! Prefer the charm of a cob house with a grass roof? Absolutely! This land is your blank canvas, and you can paint it with all the eco-friendly colors of the rainbow. Just remember to keep a good supply of natural bug repellent—because Mother Nature has a funny way of reminding you who’s boss.

So, if you’re ready to embrace the off-grid life, head to St. Johns, Arizona. This 1.05 acres of eco-friendly heaven is waiting for you to make it your own. Land at this price sells FAST so contact me TODAY to learn how to make this one yours!

Property Tour:

Property Details:

  • Address:  St Johns, AZ 85936
  • County: Apache
  • Size: 1.05 acres
  • Approximate Annual Taxes: $3.32 
  • Flood Zone/ Wetlands: Unknown FEMA FZ, no wetlands
  • Zoning: Agricultural General
  • Elevation: 6,017.1 feet
  • Terrain: Desert 
  • HOA/POA: None
  • Legal Description: Subdivision: APACHE PARK ESTATES III Lot: 777

Property Location:

  • Center: 34.95456, -109.3416
  • NE: 34.954989, -109.341366 
  • SE: 34.954156, -109.341369 
  • SW: 34.954152, -109.341865 
  • NW: 34.954987., 109.341862 


Pricing Details:

OWNER FINANCING available. EVERYONE qualifies.

  • Cash: $5,499 -or- make us an offer!
  • Down Payment: $119
  • Monthly Payment: $139
  • Term: 55 months

One-time non-refundable fee of $249 for document preparation and processing; $11 monthly is added for property taxes and note maintenance. 

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